The path to progress starts with an assessment

During an assessment Noventiq Northern Europe (formerly known as Softline Group Northern Europe) experts do a thorough review of your organization’s existing (web) applications and infrastructure. The aim is to identify opportunities to modernize and improve performance, security and functionality. Plus, we gather input from stakeholders and make recommendations on how to move forward with your modernization efforts.

Noventiq Northern Europe Application Modernization Design services

High-level assessment of your current portfolio to create a business case for Application Modernization.

Execute on the business case and implement “People and Process” and Tooling.

Continuously modernize your landscape with our managed services.

Get trained in ServiceNow on Application Modernization.

The foundation of any Application Modernization program starts with a good IT repository, which is well organized, consistent and has interconnected data

Noventiq Northern Europe’s Application Modernization Assessment is a comprehensive review of your organization's existing (web) applications and infrastructure. The assessment typically involves analyzing the current state of the applications, gathering input from stakeholders, and making recommendations on how to move forward with modernization efforts. The result is a detailed report that outlines the findings of the assessment and provides a roadmap for modernizing your organization's (web) applications. 
By undergoing an application modernization assessment, your organization can ensure that your (web) applications are able to meet the needs of your users. And they support the organization's overall business objectives. 
Potential payoffs of an application modernization assessment include:

  • Improved efficiency: Modernized applications can be more efficient and easier to use, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs.
  • Enhanced security: Modernized applications may include improved security features and be less vulnerable to cyber threats.
  • Greater agility: Modernized applications can be more flexible and easier to modify, allowing organizations to respond more quickly to changing business needs.
  • Increased competitiveness: Modernized applications can help organizations stay competitive by providing a better user experience and enabling new capabilities.
  • Improved scalability: Modernized applications can be designed to scale more easily, allowing organizations to handle increased traffic and data volumes as their business grows.

An Application Modernization Assessment is the perfect starting point to understand which steps you need to take to modernize your organization's (web) applications. Achieve your goals, and ask your question here.

Partnering with ServiceNow

Thanks to our partnership with ServiceNow, we are able to offer our customers a powerful solution for identifying and prioritizing modernization opportunities.

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Softline Group NE is now Noventiq NE

Since 1st of March 2024, Softline Group Northern Europe is renamed to Noventiq Northern Europe