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Optimize your cloud environment for efficiency, resource availability and avoiding waste by monitoring and implementing best practices and creating visibility. Design budgeting that focuses on your Cloud spend.

Leverage our cloud expertise to understand your cloud spend and rein in costs, based on insights instead of assumptions.

Evaluate your financial operations and processes related to cloud computing

Using a FinOps solution including the processes regarding: Inform, Optimize and Operate

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Get the insight you need to improve your return on investment.

Moving to the cloud is not a quick and easy way to optimize costs. It involves a continuous process of monitoring and aligning resources to achieve the desired cost structure. While the cloud offers convenience and accessibility, it's important to be aware that costs tend to increase over time. However, cloud-native solutions like Flexera Cloud Cost Optimization or ServiceNow Cloud Insights can provide detailed insights into each cloud resource and improve your return on investment.

Cost management in the cloud involves considering various factors, such as properly sizing resources for your applications, selecting a pricing model that fits your business needs, tagging resources, and scaling based on demand.

There are several ways to track and save on your AWS cloud computing costs. Apart from continuous monitoring, it also involves optimizing storage, right provisioning, leveraging compute instances for flexibility, autoscaling and automation.

All this requires an understanding of the compute infrastructure, application, and data usage and more. We help many customers achieve cost-efficiency by applying best practices and customized approaches in the design, delivery, and maintenance of cloud environments.

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Our FinOps technology partners

The amount of data that needs to be analyzed on a frequent basis is very large. Technology is therefore an important part of the FinOps implementation. Depending on the desired maturity level, different technology can be used from any of our strategic partners. Our partners Flexera & ServiceNow will provide the right technology and customized solutions to help you optimize your cloud costs and improve your FinOps practices.

Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimization

Flexera One offers a full approach to your organization’s FinOps journey that enables cloud governance teams to work collaboratively with business units and cloud resource owners to gain visibility and identify areas of potential savings (Inform), take action on these identified areas (Optimize),  and implement processes to automate and govern these optimizations (Operate). With Flexera One, you get a comprehensive set of cloud cost management capabilities designed to implement FinOps processes across your entire cloud environment.

SAM Enterprise / Cloud Insights

ServiceNow Cloud Insights gives you visibility and control of your cloud usage and costs. It uses the power of the Now Platform to discover all of your cloud resources, breaks down cloud spend by cost center, business service, and other entity, provides recommendations on how to reduce cloud spend, and automates repetitive cost optimization tasks.

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