A structured path to achieve a higher ITAM maturity level

Noventiq Northern Europe (formerly known as Softline Group Northern Europe) will help you, right where you need us. With our practical, modular approach based on the ISO/IEC standard for ITAM and best practices emerging from hundreds of our customer cases. Developed with the aim of helping organisations achieve the goals set according to the plan and schedule you and your company have in mind.

Noventiq Northern Europe ITAM services

Performing an assessment, creating a business case & plan, and become ISO/IEC certified ready. Addressing key issues: ITAM (Process-) Maturity, Trustworthy data, and resourcing.

Execute on the business case and implement ITAM tooling (ServiceNow  & Flexera) and start executing on processes from the design phase to manage asset lifecycles.

Managed services to help you run your ITAM practice. Combine Noventiq Northern Europe experts with internal resources. All regardless of your ITAM tool: Flexera, ServiceNow or another.

The Academy offers accredited IAITAM courses to become certified. Plus, Consultant Master Classes and training.

IT Asset Management provides you with an accurate insight & control over your IT asset lifecycle and IT landscape. Enabling you to better manage IT costs and risks, and make informed decisions. But, organizations need to keep in mind ITAM is not a project!  Nor is it a one-off exercise that is finished after ticking the last check box. It is to be nurtured and continuously improved, and affects the entire organization. When you have a mature ITAM practice, you provide important information for all fields - from IT to finance to purchasing, making ITAM one of the key players in the organization. 

Noventiq Northern Europe’s approach is a translation of the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 standards for ITAM. Combined with hundreds of international ITAM implementations, and visualized as a house to be built from the ground up. The Noventiq Northern Europe House of ITAM® is built on top of the ISO management system. This ensured a fully aligned approach with any other practice in your organization following ISO. Think of IT Service Management (20000), Information Security (27001) or Risk Management (73).

Tier 1: Trustworthy Data

Reliable data about software and related hardware, the organisation, the licences and contracts. Based on this data, the software licence position is calculated. And monitoring changes and securing sensitive ITAM data against loss or unauthorised access.

Tier 2: Lifecycle integration

Gaining control of assets at all stages of the IT lifecycle. A proactive rather than reactive management of IT assets, ensuring compliance- and cost efficiency issues can be avoided before they occur. 

Tier 3: Optimisation

Focussing on the contractual and financial side of IT assets, as well as the risks associated with their use.

Whatever your organization’s objectives are, Noventiq Northern Europe helps you realize them in a pace that is just right for you. Find out how we can help you, by asking your first question here.

What would you like to achieve?

  • Continuous insight and control over the software license compliance position for your top x software publishers; 
  • Realization of savings on existing contracts; 
  • Insight and control to draft budgets based on well-founded forecasts; 
  • Software licensing and contract optimization for the software products your organization uses; 
  • Preparation for audits of your most important software publishers. 

We partner with leaders in IT.

We are an award winning organization, and is certified and trusted implementation partner for many market leading technology partners. Our partners are important to us. Because only with the right technology, we are able to help our customers moving forward. Offering powerful solutions are key to our offerings. Read more on our partnership with Flexera and ServiceNow.

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Softline Group NE is now Noventiq NE

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