The Dutch Police got ISO 19770-1 certified

The Dutch Police got ISO 19770-1 certified - as the first world’s first public sector organisation

19-12-2023: Police Netherlands is the first government body worldwide to obtain ITAM certification. On behalf of the ITAM team Sector ICT support Expertise Center Licenses, Joop van der Born & Rosalie Kramer received the ISO 19770-1 certificate.

ISO 19770-1 is the internationally recognized standard for IT asset management. The standard provides an overview of the different categories of IT assets and views these categories in a process-oriented manner, taking into account the different steps in the life cycle.

After years of working closely together with Marc Goedhart (Audit Coordinator ECL) and John Haenen (Software Asset Consultant), we at Softline are couldn’t be more proud for them on achieving this huge accomplishment! Congratulations Dutch Police, on becoming the world’s first public sector organisation to gain ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification! 

Learn about their certification journey and what it has planned next in this ITAM FORUM blog.

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