Certified Asset Management Security Expert


CAMSE “bridges the gap” between IT Asset Management and IT security.

The mission of the CAMSE course is to maximize the contribution of IT Asset Management professionals to the information security and physical security of the organization by bridging the gap between ITAM and IT security processes while incorporating security strategies throughout the ITAM policies, processes and procedures so that ITAM enhances the security program and improves the applicable governance.

What Will You Learn?


Learn not only what needs to be secured in your organization, but learn why it needs to be secured.


Keeping your organization secure requires responsiblilty from a larger number of people than you might expect.


Find out how financial, documentation and several other kinds of management play roles in organizational security.

Value Proposition

  • Knowledge to create strategic policies for dealing with data breaches
  • Reduce risk and mitigate extent of loss after security incidents
  • Achieve deep understanding of the relationship between IT Asset

Class & materials

This course will take place in a virtual classroom. You will receive all digital materials after your confirmed attendance.

Training costs & payment details

1.500 EUR

This is a 1-day course!

After reserving your seat, you will receive an email with online payment details (via creditcard or Apple pay). After your payment is completed, your registration is completed and all needed course materials and course details will be shared with you.

Your advantages of taking Academy courses:

  • Experienced and certified trainer by your side that connects theory with practice
  • Hands on which enable you to put what you have learned into practice immediately.
  • Fully certified courses
  • Real world experience shared by the trainer
  • Delegate interaction enabling networking & learning of experiences in other sectors
  • Independent advice and training from the trainer

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