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Consultant Master Classes


Noventiq Northern Europe offers consultant master classes to enable ITAM teams to gain greater understanding of topics relating to ITAM. The training modules are based on real-life experiences our consultants gathered while working on ITAM implementations, projects and managed services at clients.

We offer four courses

The licence position report process - creation, handling and follow-up

During this course, the ITAM team will learn about preparing, creating, delivering and the follow-up of a license position report (LPR), linking to the renewal process.

  • Key Issues: Managing renewals, audit readiness, understanding usage, optimization, risk mitigation.
  • Key stakeholders: ITAM manager, SAM license manager, contract manager, product owners, IT manager.

This module will help ITAM team members move from re-active to pro-active IT asset Management.

ITAM Stakeholder management

During this course we take the ITAM team through a journey in 2 hours and discuss the What, Why, How and benefits of stakeholder management. We go through key pitfalls, stakeholder identification, best practice stakeholder management and learn what stakeholders can bring to the table.

  • Key Issues: ITAM awareness, ITAM communication & education
  • Key stakeholders: ITAM manager, contract manager, product owners.

  • This module is perfect for every ITAM professional trying to get the ITAM message across and create awareness in their organization.

Managing mergers and acquisitions from an ITAM perspective

ITAM should always be an agenda item during mergers and acquisitions, but it rarely is. During this course the ITAM team will learn how to incorporate ITAM during a M&A. We focus on the effects on tooling, infrastructure, licensing, processes, ITAM staff and your ability to help with cost savings, risk mitigation and future state.

  • Key Issues: Due diligence, fallout after M&A, managing ITAM scope, data completeness
  • Key stakeholders: : ITAM manager, contract manager, security, procurement, CFO, CIO, CTO

This module will help the ITAM team take a strategic place in their organization.

Software vendor audit response

During this vendor-agnostic course, we dive into all the ITAM team needs to know to get ready and stay ready for a vendor audit. Subjects we touch on include: Initiate internal audit and risk assessment, creating an audit response team, review the contract, agree terms of reference for the audit (ToR), agree data collection methods, initiate Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), negotiations & settlement, lessons learnt, audit data and output secure storage.

  • Key Issues: Audit readiness, audit response, risk management.
  • Key stakeholders: : ITAM manager, SAM license manager, contract manager, security, procurement, legal.

This module is perfect for ITAM professionals who want to get in the drivers’ seat during audits

Practical information:

The bitesize training modules take between 1,5 and 2 hours and will be delivered by experienced Noventiq Northern Europe consultants. The courses are live through a webcast or via Teams. 

The course materials are in English by default, the delivery can be done in Dutch, availability of the trainer(s) permitting. Upon completion, the participants will receive a certificate of participation.

The bite-size training modules have not pre-set dates, and will be planned in cooperation with the client. All courses are €199 per participant, with a minimum of 2 participants per course.

Are you interested in one or more of the training modules? Do you have any questions or special requests? Contact our consultants at:

Softline Group NE is now Noventiq NE

Since 1st of March 2024, Softline Group Northern Europe is renamed to Noventiq Northern Europe