Docker Desktop is no longer free for enterprise users

This Summer of 2021, Docker Inc announced new changes regarding their Terms of Use. Since August 31st, 2021 a subscription agreement has been enforced with a grace period until 31st January 2022. Professional usage of Docker Desktop in organisations with more than 250 employees or 10 million USD in revenue require a paid subscription.

Enforced Docker Desktop Updated Terms of Use

Container technology allows organisations to create competitive business solutions and digital services. For IT Asset Managers however, the use of container technology involves many licensing challenges varying from knowing where containers reside to knowing exactly which commercial software is being contained. The Docker Desktop licensing changes add yet another challenge. After January 31st you require a subscription for every Docker Desktop instance or alternatively will have to move to an alternative solution.

For IT Asset Managers particularly, it is time to pay attention to these updated Terms of Use for Docker Desktop and be pro-active in informing the necessary stakeholders within your organisation. Investigate your current deployment of Docker Desktop, conduct a risk-analysis and create a solid future proof plan.

Please contact the Softline team of experts to learn more about what steps to take to remain compliant and contract in the most beneficial way.


About Docker

Docker helps developers bring their ideas to life by conquering the complexity of app development. We simplify and accelerate development workflows with an integrated dev pipeline and through the consolidation of application components. Actively used by millions of developers around the world, Docker Desktop and Docker Hub provide unmatched simplicity, agility and choice.

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