Softline Group is again a Great Place to Work!

Dennis Montanje, Managing Director Softline Group Northern Europe: “Of all the awards and certifications an organisation can win or be granted, this is absolutely the best one! This is a certification, granted by all employees, based on their own personal feelings towards the company. The team really is our most important and valuable asset, and together we make Softline what it is. I am very proud of receiving this certification, especially since it is the 4th year in a row!”

Great Place To Work Nederland assesses trust, pride, and pleasure within organisations through employee surveys and culture analysis. To earn the title 'Great Place to Work Certified,' organisations must meet specific criteria for good employment practices based on these results. According to René Brouwers, the director of Great Place to Work Netherlands, being a good employer is key to organizational success. Cultivating a culture of trust, pride, and pleasure leads to improved performance, a noteworthy achievement! Brouwers about the research: "We ask employees' opinions on five values: credibility, respect, honesty, pride and companionship. Those values are linked to performance. We apply this approach worldwide in 60 countries at more than 7,000 organisations.”

About Great Place to Work:
For 35 years, Great Place to Work has been helping organisations to increase trust in the workplace: the most fundamental element of a successful organisation. Great Place to Work's research provides insight into the experience of employees, the way of working together and leadership within an organisation. Based on this, Great Place to Work provides points for improvement for a strong organisational culture and provides guidance in its follow-up. The international organisation works with companies, non-profit organisations and government agencies in 60 countries on all continents. Through recognition of good employment practices, Great Place to Work Netherlands strives to encourage organisations to put their people first and thus to give even more people the opportunity to work for a great employer.

Softline Group NE is now Noventiq NE

Since 1st of March 2024, Softline Group Northern Europe is renamed to Noventiq Northern Europe