Noventiq & Flexera …

… a strong team! Noventiq has many years of expertise implementing Flexera ITAM at multinationals, government and SMB. Plus, we are 8 times winner of the title “EMEA Flexera implementation partner of the year”.

What our customers say about our Flexera expertise

“ Noventiq Northern Europe were engaged to implement our Flexera SAM solution and following on from the successful implementation they are now delivering our operational SAM service. Noventiq Northern Europe are extremely knowledgeable which is what we were after in the first instance. Their flexibility to help build and later operate the service is exactly what we are needed. The professionalism was always good, and the resources we had were excellent.”

 – Global Service Integration Manager – Large Manufacturing Company

We had no visibility into the software installed and running on our infrastructure. This entailed compliance risks that we had to solve. The project to implement a new license management tool was very good. The communication and planning of the project managers was professional and smooth. The project was successfully completed on time and on budget.”

 – Procurement Manager - Financial Organisation

Highly appreciate the technical managed services provided by Noventiq Northern Europe. The dedicated consultant does not only carry out the agreed activities, but works with the customer in solutions, is pro-active in suggesting initiatives and, where possible, even helps to professionalize our development. In addition, his independence and active approach to tools and people testifies to a high seniority and customer focus

– License manager – Ministry of Internal Affairs

“ Noventiq Northern Europe is flexible when planning the next SAM transformation steps. Because of the long lasting relation they understand our business and complex infrastructure. This makes it feel like we are in it together.”

– IT Manager – government institution

“For several years Noventiq Northern Europe is our trusted provider for managed SAM & ITAM throughout our complete IT estate. Using their "House of ITAM" in the scope of SAMmanaged turned out to be a real time saver and quality enhancer. Also given their exceptional knowledge and number of resources for our SAM technologies (Flexera & Snow SOS), they have even managed to lift limitations of these technologies to implement and use them beyond their original capability to really provide value to us and manage licensing and spend for tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 vendors. Noventiq Northern Europe's flexibility, expertise, service scalability and extent of their offering is exceptional and leads to measurable benefit and a very positive ROI not only on the service itself but also to accompanying IT disciplines. The completeness really turns it into a "one-stop-shop"-like experience.”

- Program Manager - Project and Portfolio Management – International Manufacturing Company

“What goes well: - Technical application & infrastructure management (E.g.: ARL processing, tooling & data healthchecks) - Engagement within the organization to get things done (E.g.: hardware verification, alignment with 3rd party providers, …) - E2E flow from entitlement registration to license reconciliation, reporting and advise What can be improved: - Alignment with tooling supplier (cause could be on both sides) - Pro-active advice on strategic / tactical level - Advice on how the future should look like.”

–Head IT Planning & Asset Management- International manufacturing organization

“With Noventiq Northern Europe, we succeeded in implementing a fully comprehensive license management system with the customizations we needed within a specified time frame. We have been developing and using this system and their services for years with excellent results. We have managed to reduce software expenses even though the company has grown steadily, and we have passed every audit without paying a cent.”

- IT manager - Large international organisation Management- International manufacturing organization

Softline Group NE is now Noventiq NE

Since 1st of March 2024, Softline Group Northern Europe is renamed to Noventiq Northern Europe