Application Modernization

Transforming your business with Application Modernization

Right now, companies worldwide are prioritizing the modernization of their application landscape. Because moving to the Cloud is a key part of their modern IT strategy. Plus, it is the most efficient way to expand products and services, giving businesses a competitive edge. However, if not properly managed, application modernization can lead to increased complexity.

Noventiq Northern Europe Application Modernization Design services

High-level assessment of your current portfolio to create a business case for Application Modernization.

Execute on the business case and implement “People and Process” and Tooling.

Continuously modernize your landscape with our managed services.

Get trained in LeanIX or ServiceNow on Application Modernization.

The foundation of any Application Modernization program starts with a good IT repository, which is well organized, consistent and has interconnected data

Application Portfolio Management is the starting point for any Application Modernization program. It is the practice of managing and optimizing inventories of IT assets to meet specific business objectives. We achieve this by creating clear overviews of your IT application landscapes to assess IT costs, standardize software across business units and encourage agility and innovation. By combining your IT Asset Management data and the output of your Application Portfolio, we can modernize your portfolio to stay competitive and achieve your business goals.

Which applications deserve investment and which need to be shown the door? Which applications are not adequately supporting business capabilities? Is our application portfolio developing in the right direction to support future strategic goals? Exactly these kinds of questions are being addressed.

In 8 steps we guide you through this process. Starting with compiling a list of applications, identifying the lifecycle of the applications, establishing the application’s business value, quality and costs and analyzing all this data. All this will result in your roadmap to modernize your IT landscape.

By utilizing our Application Modernization service, you get an optimized application stack, with the aim to enable you to achieve your business goals, respond to strategic drivers and consider the needs & goals of key stakeholders.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? With the rapid pace of technological advancements, it is more important than ever to have modern and efficient applications. Upgrade your systems now and experience the benefits of improved performance, enhanced security, and streamlined processes.

Join the digital transformation and start your application modernization journey with us today!

Partnering with LeanIX

Thanks to our partnership with LeanIX, we are able to offer our customers a powerful solution for identifying and prioritizing modernization opportunities.

LeanIX has a strong reputation in the industry and in 2022 named leader a in the Gartner MQ for EA tools in the 2nd consecutive year.

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