Effective modernization requires a focus on both people & processes to truly drive change

Modernization isn't just about updating technology, it's about optimizing the way an organization works. This means that in addition to implementing new or updated systems and technologies, it's also important to consider how those changes will impact the people who use them and the processes they follow.

Noventiq Northern Europe Application Modernization Design services

High-level assessment of your current portfolio to create a business case for Application Modernization.

Execute on the business case and implement “People and Process” and Tooling.

Continuously modernize your landscape with our managed services.

Get trained in LeanIX or ServiceNow on Application Modernization.

The foundation of any Application Modernization program starts with a good IT repository, which is well organized, consistent and has interconnected data.

Implementation services for Application Modernization by Noventiq Northern Europe includes:

  1. Application- and Business mapping: this involves creating a visual representation of the relationships between different applications and business processes within an organization. To get a better understanding of how different systems and processes interact and depend on one another. Plus, to identify potential improvement.
  2. Technical risk mapping: to identify and evaluate the potential risks associated with implementing new technologies or with making changes to existing systems (your technology debt). This involves identifying the potential impact of a risk (e.g., financial, operational, reputational), as well as the likelihood of it occurring.
  3. Value stream mapping: This connects teams, technology, and processes to deliver reliable software efficiently. For organizations who develop software, offering features, capabilities, and integrations that help establish end-to-end visibility into their software delivery performance.

These techniques, delivered by the Noventiq Northern Europe team of experts, will help organizations that are looking to modernize their systems and processes. These services will provide a way to understand the current state of an organization's technology and processes, identify areas for improvement, and plan for the future. Reach out to the Noventiq Northern Europe team of experts to find out what would be your best fit.

Partnering with LeanIX

Thanks to our partnership with LeanIX, we are able to offer our customers a powerful solution for identifying and prioritizing modernization opportunities.  LeanIX has a strong reputation in the industry and in 2022 named a leader in the Gartner MQ for EA tools in the 2nd consecutive year.

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