Transform your legacy systems into a modern powerhouse

Noventiq Northern Europe's experts are there to help organizations understand the current state of their IT landscape, and to identify opportunities and plan for the future.

Working together with our partners LeanIX and ServiceNow will help you to understand the costs, risks and benefits of your IT assets and make informed decisions about your digital transformation.  

Noventiq Northern Europe Application Modernization Design services

High-level assessment of your current portfolio to create a business case for Application Modernization.

Execute on the business case and implement “People and Process” and Tooling.

Continuously modernize your landscape with our managed services.

Get trained in LeanIX or ServiceNow on Application Modernization.

The foundation of any Application Modernization program starts with a good IT repository, which is well organized, consistent and has interconnected data.

The renowned tooling of our partners LeanIX and ServiceNow will help organizations with application modernization in several ways:

  • By providing a centralized platform for managing and optimizing IT assets and services: Both Leanix and ServiceNow offer tools and features that will help you understand the current state of your IT landscape, identify opportunities for improvement, and plan for the future. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to modernizing legacy systems. It will provide you with
  • a clear picture of what you and your stakeholders need to do to bring your systems up to date.
  • By automating and streamlining IT processes: Both Leanix and ServiceNow offer a range of automation and workflow tools that helps you streamline and standardize your IT processes. This reduces the amount of manual work required, and increases efficiency. Allowing your colleagues to focus on more important tasks.
  • By providing a single source of truth for IT information: Both Leanix and ServiceNow offer a centralized repository for storing and managing IT information. Think of asset and service data, but also documentation and reports. This enables you to make better-informed decisions about your IT assets and services, and ensures you everyone has access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively.

Noventiq Northern Europe's technology partners LeanIX and ServiceNow both help organizations with application modernization by providing he tools and features needed to understand, manage, and optimize their IT assets and services. Noventiq Northern Europe will not just install these platforms within your organization. But we will make sure that your users are trained. The platform is populated with the correct data, and used by you and your stakeholders, by actively motivating them to work with the solution. Key in order to keep the solution up to date and your organization gains the most benefit. Reach out to the Noventiq Northern Europe team of experts to find out what would be your best fit.

Partnering with LeanIX

Thanks to our partnership with LeanIX, we are able to offer our customers a powerful solution for identifying and prioritizing modernization opportunities.  LeanIX has a strong reputation in the industry and in 2022 named a leader in the Gartner MQ for EA tools in the 2nd consecutive year.

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