September: the event month!

September has really been the event month of the year, where we shared our knowledge and experiences on SAM and ITAM with end-users during various events in different countries. If you haven’t seen us live in September, read here how you can still be able to take in this knowledge even though the month is over!

Moving from SAM to ITAM® explaining these changes and how to benefit from them

We hosted two successful and interesting breakfast meetings on the new ISO/IEC standard for SAM. At these meetings, we also introduced the new Softline Solutions’ House of ITAM® (click here), based on that new ISO standard. If you are interested in learning more, you can ask for a websession here.

SAMS Europe

For the 4th year in a row we sponsored the SAMS Europe event in Berlin. Of course the new House of ITAM® featured in the presentation of our colleague Leo Meijer. As well as during the ICE breaker session of Softline Solutions' Thomas Reinoso where the event was kicked off with the use of some interesting statements to warm up the group. Interesting as well where the presentations of ABN AMRO, the Dutch Railways and the closing keynote of Neven Drljevic (Project leader for Software Asset Management) from the European Parliament.

Sharing knowledge @ partner events

On September 13th we were invited to share our expertise at a breakfast session organised by the Paphos Group. Where on the 14th we were invited by Flexera @ the Heineken Experience Center to show a large audience what the new ISO/IEC standard for ITAM encompasses, and how Software Asset Managers can benefit from these changes.

Webinar on Flexera’s Data Platform linked to the House of ITAM®

To round it all off, we hosted a webinar together with Flexera, on their Data Platform and how this could perfectly fit into an organisations’ long term ITAM strategy. Check out the webinar recording here.

In the coming months we will keep on sharing our knowledge with you. We will host some interesting end-user only events, and we will again be joining other partner events. Are you interested to attend? Keep an eye on our Social Media channels. If you want to be sure that you receive invitations for all these events, follow our company page or sign up for our regular updates here.

Softline Group NE is now Noventiq NE

Since 1st of March 2024, Softline Group Northern Europe is renamed to Noventiq Northern Europe