Softline opens new location in Wolfsburg and creates 20 new jobs

Leipzig, May 27, 2019 – The Softline Group, an international IT consulting company focusing on Software Asset Management (SAM), Information and IT Security, Digital Workplace as well as Cloud and Future Datacenter, has opened an additional location in Wolfsburg in May.

"The number of our customer projects in the North-West Germany region is rising steadily. This gave rise to the idea of establishing an additional national office location in Wolfsburg in addition to our Softline locations in Munich and Leipzig. So far, our experts in the region have worked at various locations," explains Managing Director Martin Schaletzky. "This was done in some cases directly at the customer's offices, but also in some cases in co-working spaces, i.e. in offices that we shared with other companies. It had been clear to the managing director from Leipzig for some time that the employees could work more effectively together in their own office: "Now we have found the new location in Wolfsburg and were able to bring our team together here," says Schaletzky.

From Wolfsburg-Reislingen, new businesses will be developed in the city itself, but also in Hanover, Kassel and Göttingen. "The location Wolfsburg is so important to us, because from here we can work much better in West Germany. Our employees are in Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia or Hesse within a short time," explains Prof. Dr. Knut Löschke, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Softline AG. "From Leipzig the expenditure is substantially higher and it is not possible to realise so many appointments on one working day.

Softline Solutions GmbH is now also looking for IT experts for the new location: "We don't want to define ourselves so rigidly when it comes to precise professional titles. Within the scope of our projects, we deal with, for example, software solutions, information and IT security as well as cloud technologies and are looking for active support in these areas," explains Alexander Schumann, member of the management board of Softline Solutions GmbH. "In our new office, up to 40 employees can work on two floors and a total of 400 square meters".

Regina Richter has already been working for several years as key account manager for a major customer in the region. She particularly appreciates the positive working atmosphere among her colleagues: "This good mood is also perceived and appreciated by customers. We are all on first-name terms with each other in the team, barbecue together and when things get tough, we find a solution together. The brand-new Softline VW up! is a cool thing. The colleagues are always able to move around the region. This makes working more fun," says the enthusiastic employee. Up to 20 additional colleagues can now start their careers in the Softline office.

(Softline Solutions office opening Wolfsburg - Photos: Max Patzig)

Softline Group NE is now Noventiq NE

Since 1st of March 2024, Softline Group Northern Europe is renamed to Noventiq Northern Europe