Certification ready: ISO 19770-1 management framework

A well-designed ITAM framework is the foundation to support IT goals and strategic business outcomes.

The ISO/IEC19770-1 is designed as a management system and describes how you can build your ITAM practice, regardless of organization size or branch you are in. Using this common ‘language’ between various disciplines, organizations can align and integrate their IT Asset Management system with related ISO systems. Just think of IT Service Management (20000), Information Security (ISO 27001) or Risk Management (73). Noventiq Northern Europe (formerly known as Softline Group Northern Europe) helps you to translate the ISO framework to your company specific needs.

Noventiq Northern Europe ITAM services

Performing an assessment, creating a business case & plan, and become ISO/IEC certified ready. Addressing key issues: ITAM (Process-) Maturity, Trustworthy data, and resourcing.

Execute on the business case and implement ITAM tooling (ServiceNow  & Flexera) and start executing on processes from the design phase to manage asset lifecycles.

Managed services to help you run your ITAM practice. Combine Noventiq Northern Europe experts with internal resources. All regardless of your ITAM tool: Flexera, ServiceNow or another.

The Academy offers accredited IAITAM courses to become certified. Plus, Consultant Master Classes and training.

A large part of the ITAM management framework consists of checks and balances. There are processes that need to be in place to check, and in many cases re-check the existence of plans, policies, roles, data collections, assumptions, risks and much much more. All to make sure you are in control and constantly improving.

Like most ISO norms, these tasks are not difficult. But they take time and are easily forgotten, pushed back or discarded due to other priorities. The end result is usually a poorly maintained framework that in time does not support the ITAM processes anymore. And surely will not pass a certification audit.

By using an ISO management framework tool, your ITAM program is structured so it is sustainable, low-maintenance and certifiable.

Using a tool for the design, implementation and maintenance of your (ITAM) management system in this case is a solution. The ProActive Compliance Tool (PCT) is an online tool to create grip on information security, business continuity, quality and risk management. With no need anymore for complex folder structures, reminders in 3 different calendar tools or tedious meetings on long overdue document reviews. The PCT offers:

  • Built-in messaging and reminders
  • Pre-defined roles, autorisation rules and processes
  • Audit trails on essentials documents and artefacts
  • Best-practice templates
  • Seamless integration with other standards

With PCT, certification is not guaranteed, but it IS made much easier. It also caters for a number of standards such as the ISO/iex27001 and the NEN7510. And on top of that, you make sure the foundation of your ITAM practice is secured!

Profit from these resources

Quiz: find out whether your ITAM practice is ready for ISO certification - it will only take you 10 minutes!

On-demand webinar: ISO 19770-1 Certification - Real-life insights into the benefits

eBook: Navigating ISO Certification for ITAM - Expert insights and practical pointers for a successful start

Partnering with Protify:

Protify is specialized in simplifying information in order to meet certification and internal compliance standards. With expertise in the field of quality management, information (security) and risk management. Together with Protify, we translated the ITAM ISO standard into a module in the ProActive Compliance Tool (PCT). Making it possible to have a sustainable, low-maintenance and certifiable management framework in place.

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